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Musselburgh Area
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Musselburgh Area
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Musselburgh Area
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Local Community Planning operates on the same principles as Community Planning overall:-

  • that people and communities are genuinely engaged in the decisions made on public services which affect them
  • that there is a commitment from organisations to work together to continually improve the way services are delivered for local communities

It brings this way of working to issues and services that affect people at a local level. Local Community Planning in East Lothian will correspond with the 5 multi -member wards in the east of the county and a combined area covering the 2 Musselburgh wards.

Local Community Planning in East Lothian

A broad based Local Area Forum (LAF) will be established in each area bringing together local community groups, businesses, voluntary sector organisations, public services and individuals. This forward looking planning group will look at key issues facing their locality. The first task of each LAF will be to produce a Local Community Plan to guide their ongoing work.

Creating a Local Community Plan is about developing a shared vision for the future of the ward areas and identifying what needs to be done locally to realise this vision.


The Musselburgh Local Community Planning Area incorporates the East Lothian Council multi-member wards of Musselburgh West and Musselburgh East and Carberry. This area includes the settlements of Wallyford, Whitecraig, Carberry, Old Craighall and Musselburgh -  which, as the largest town in East Lothian,  itself developed through the amalgamation of a number of distinct communities, including Newbigging, Fisherrow and Inveresk.

24119 people live within the Musselburgh area- that is 25% of the population of East Lothian. For more information on the Musselburgh area go to the Musselburgh Wards Profile

Musselburgh Local Area Forum (LAF)

The Musselburgh LAF is at the centre of local community planning across the Musselburgh wards. This forward looking planning Forum comes together up to 4 times a year to identify and examine key issues in this locality. Local community groups, businesses, voluntary sector organisations, public services and individuals can all become part of the Local Area Forum and contribute to the process.

At a 'Celebration of Partnership Working' in November 2011 over 50 participants in local community projects and Forum members came together to review achievements so far and identify priorities for 2012.

For more information, to get involved with the Forum or to contribute to local initiatives email [email protected]


Musselburgh Map


Planning for the Future of Musselburgh High St

Throughout the summer members of the Musselburgh Town Centre Task Group were consulting with people living and working across the Musselburgh area about their ideas, concerns and aspirations for the future of Musselburgh High St.peopel looking at the map

The consultation had two main parts

  1. a 6m long 3D representation of the High St, from Pinkie Pillars to the Ship Inn, was on display in a number of town centre sites including Brunton Hall, Tesco and a shop on the High St. Passers-by were encouraged to add their ideas, concerns and comments directly on to the map
  2. a survey, designed to compliment the map exercise, looked at how local people are currently using the High St and what they thought would make the most difference in encouraging more people to use the area more often. This could be filled in on paper while the map was on display or completed on-line.

In total over 1200 people particiapted in the consultation. Information and ideas gathered throughout the consultation has been regularly fed back to the community throughout the process:-

The purpose of the consultation was to help inform the Town Centre Strategy being developed by East Lothian Council for the Musselburgh High Streets. This strategy is intended to provide a co-ordinated framework for action and investment in the town centres while retaining and developing it's unique identity. The Planning for Real© consultation was one way of making sure that the views and ideas of local residents of all ages, and those working in and visiting the Town Centre are able to contribute to the Town Centre Strategy.

The Musselburgh Town Centre Task Group

The Musselburgh Town Centre Task Group has come together as part of Local Community Planning initiatives across the area and is made up of local residents, Musselburgh and Inveresk Community Council, elected members, community groups, council officials and local businesses. One of the project the group is currently involved with is working with East Lothian Council to develop a Town Centre Strategy for Musselburgh. The views and ideas collected throughout this consultation will contribute to this strategy and help guide plans and investment in the area.



Musselburgh Community Information website




The Musselburgh area will be somewhere people want to live, both now and in the future - a thriving town centre surrounded by sustainable local neighbourhoods with well managed facilities and services that meet the needs of the community at all ages and stages of life.

The initiatives in this plan are organised under 5 Local Outcomes that we believe will help achieve this vision:-

  1. Revitalising Musselburgh Town Centre as the heart of the community, meeting the needs of people living, working and visiting the Musselburgh area
  2. All people living, working and visiting the area will be safer and feel safer
  3. Our local neighbourhoods are attractive, well connected places where people want to live
  4. Young people across the area have access to quality services and activities which are relevant to their social, recreational and educational needs
  5. Our communities are well informed and engaged with decisions that matter in their local area

snapshot version of the plan

full version


Almost 1000 people of all ages attended FestiVale -Festi-vale poster a free youth music and performance event which took place in Lewisvale Park on Friday 24th of June. 

For more information view the report or see video from the day.